Avengers: Infinity War | Preview Review

I saw Infinity War last Saturday and was way too tired to write a preview review till now! Spoiler Alert: This Article Contains Information About the Movie You Probably Don’t Want to Know Before You Watch It. You Have Been Warned. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, whew, had to get that out. May I just say that those writers are geniuses? Can I even say that when they broke my heart from LITERALLY THE FIRST SCENE??? They killed Loki. THEY KILLED LOKI! I was already traumatized after the first ten minutes. THE FIRST SCENE! Oh my goodness…Although (and I’m not expecting this, I’m just … Continue reading Avengers: Infinity War | Preview Review

The Last Jedi: Preview Review

This is not a review; it’s just my immediate opinions on this movie. Warning: May Contain Spoilers. I did NOT like The Last Jedi. Like its predecessor, The Force Awakens, I deem this movie unworthy of being Star Wars canon. My expectations were set very low for this movie. They were not met. There were a few scenes I liked for nostalgia purposes, including but not limited to: Luke’s interaction with R2-D2 where R2 showed the message from Leia in Episode IV and Rey and Kylo Ren’s team-up in the Emperor’s Chamber scene–oh, I’m sorry, I meant Snoke’s Chamber scene–because LIGHTSABER DUEL TEAM-UPS, THO!!! … Continue reading The Last Jedi: Preview Review


I dressed up as Rapunzel for Halloween this year! (“How old are you again?” you ask. “Does it matter?” I respond.) Subject This story is, as most Disney fairytales are, very LOOSELY based on the tale of Rapunzel. Normal people would complain about how Disney strays from the original stories, but in my opinion, variation is a bit necessary. Have you read the story of Rapunzel? She’s not exactly the most heroic of characters and you’re not exactly even rooting for her as you read it. I think the Brothers Grimm were more observant Narrators than passionate ones. So, the characters that … Continue reading Tangled

Barbie as Rapunzel

This is the second ever CGI Barbie movie, for y’all’s information. Subject The old Barbie movies have terrible graphics, but to be honest, the moving part of the animation is pretty okay. Rapunzel is a great character. She’s like 2015 Cinderella–good and kind and loving even when others (*cough*Gothel*cough*) are cruel to her. Another incredibly important thing to note: THIS MOVIE HAS DRAGONS!!! YES! DRAGONS! I loooove dragons, so this is great. Sure, they’re the super stereotypical dragons with large hinds and wings that are too small to be physically able to fly them, but also…la la LA…they’re purple!!! Plus they have personality. Maybe to … Continue reading Barbie as Rapunzel

Cinderella (2015)

I have watched this movie, like, twenty times. Twenty-one, actually, I watched it again yesterday. So, I could have done this review like a year ago, but better late than never! Subject The movie is a live-action reboot of the 1950 Disney film, which is an adaptation of the fairy tale by Charles Perrault. (Yeah, I know there are actually a lot more versions than just Perrault. I think I have studied “Cinderella” more than any other fairy tale because I was going to write a fractured fairy tale novel. FYI, the project has been put away for now.) It … Continue reading Cinderella (2015)