A History of Unofficial Movie Reviews

Unofficial Movie Reviews was started as my first blog. It was part of school web-design course, and I decided I wanted to give my opinions on movies, TV shows, and other video-related elements.

As time went on, I posted several reviews of things, but decided I wanted my blog to be more than just endless babbling about videos. Since the original purpose, from the school course, was to have a place to post school essays, I decided to do just that.

After a long period of creative drought, I finally posted a fanfiction narrative. I hoped to one day master the art of the scanner in order to eventually post drawings of favorite characters.

Eventually, I realized that a movie review site, unofficial though it was, wasn’t a place for personal stuff like school essays and music I like. So I created a personal blog for myself, MermaidWarriorPrincess, to post all that stuff.