Cinderella (2015)

I have watched this movie, like, twenty times. Twenty-one, actually, I watched it again yesterday. So, I could have done this review like a year ago, but better late than never!


The movie is a live-action reboot of the 1950 Disney film, which is an adaptation of the fairy tale by Charles Perrault. (Yeah, I know there are actually a lot more versions than just Perrault. I think I have studied “Cinderella” more than any other fairy tale because I was going to write a fractured fairy tale novel. FYI, the project has been put away for now.)

It might seem that Ella is an unbelievable character because she’s always so perfectly good, but I like her because she is an example of what a person could be if they love Jesus with all their heart.

The characters in this movie are very colorful because Ella is the epitome of good, the stepmother, Lady Tremaine, is the epitome of cruelty, and the stepsisters, Anastasia and Drisella, are the epitomes of selfish.

The sets and costumes are the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. Everything is so beautifully crafted to fit their part in the story, and it must have taken so much work. Good job, Cinderella (2015) crew!


The movie isn’t a musical, like it’s animated predecessor, but it’s just as magical. Every scene is full of fairytale-ness.

This story is man-versus-man, I suppose, because there’s obviously the stepmother being a villain to Cinderella. But Ella’s noble character is above that struggle, I think–it’s more Ella’s struggle to continue being kind and loving and good even when the only people around her are mean and rude and cruel.

I like how they give backstory for the stepmother to explain how she got the way she did, but you still can see that everything Lady Tremaine did is her fault and her choice and things she needs to answer for.



Have courage and be kind; forgive unconditionally; never stop believing; you can’t do it alone; have faith; love your enemies; love and kindness are free; don’t let your experiences define you, but instead let them refine you; be merciful; honor your parents

“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” – Matthew 5:48

Other Comments

I love this movie because there is so much goodness. Most movies have themes like “fight for what’s right” or “never give up,” and that’s great! But rarely do you see a movie that highlights being kind and loving your enemies and choosing to serve others. I love superhero movies and princess movies, but superheroes make a lot of bad choices that never seem to have consequences, and princess movies are often about believing in yourself and following your dreams. Cinderella (2015) is one of my favorite movies because it is about a girl with an unswerving heart for people, not just mad sword-fighting skills. Warrior princesses are my favorite, still, but a princess like Cinderella isn’t so bad.

One thing that I was skeptical about was when Ella bumps into the king as she’s running from the ball and she tells the king, “Your son Kit is the most lovely person I’ve ever met. So good and brave.” What did he do to prove to her that he’s brave or even good? Literally that one time they met in the woods. That’s the only thing. Other than that, what?? Is she basing it on what they were talking about?

Okay, I admit, the emotional part isn’t the only part I love about it–her dress though!!!! It just–it’s so–it’s amazingly–I can’t–incredible–I want it! Well, if the corset were a little less restrictive and the neckline were a little higher…But yeah, at first I was a little hmm because it doesn’t really resemble the original, but now I’m just WOW! However, my favorite dress in the movie is Ella’s wedding dress. It’s so simple and modest, but the embroidery it has and the sheer sleeves and the veil are so pretty, and the skirt isn’t too puffy but it is still so loooooong!

I absolutely love this movie. It is so emotional and magical and the settings and characters are stunning. Recommended to anyone!


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