Barbie as Rapunzel

This is the second ever CGI Barbie movie, for y’all’s information.


The old Barbie movies have terrible graphics, but to be honest, the moving part of the animation is pretty okay.

Rapunzel is a great character. She’s like 2015 Cinderella–good and kind and loving even when others (*cough*Gothel*cough*) are cruel to her.

Another incredibly important thing to note: THIS MOVIE HAS DRAGONS!!! YES! DRAGONS! I loooove dragons, so this is great. Sure, they’re the super stereotypical dragons with large hinds and wings that are too small to be physically able to fly them, but also…la la LA…they’re purple!!! Plus they have personality. Maybe to some people it’s cheesy that they speak human, but hey, Gothel could have cursed them. I mean, Hobie the rabbit talks. Back to dragon character–Hugo is a strong, loyal guy who expects a little too much from his daughter, and Penelope is a little wimpy but very kind and friendly.

Who doesn’t love Hobie? He’s not only always hungry and not afraid to resort to pretending he’s dying in order to get carrots, but he’s that realistic, pessimistic, cynical character that every Main Character Besties Group needs. The lack of fur or hair graphics in the movie kind of make him look a little disgusting, but he’s still cute. He’s a rabbit for goodness’ sake.


Okay–the story is almost exactly like Cinderella (2015). The girl is mistreated by an evil jealous lady who makes her a servant, she meets a prince but doesn’t know who he is, she gets invited to a ball by said prince, and she eventually forgives the evil jealous lady. But…Barbie as Rapunzel came out first, so HA Disney! Y’know, that actually makes me mad! Barbie should sue Disney!

Speaking of Disney copying Barbie as Rapunzel, Tangled (Disney’s adaptation of the Rapunzel fairytale) copied a few elements as well that weren’t in the original fairy tale.

  1. Rapunzel wears purple
  2. Rapunzel is blond and wears her hair in a braid for part of the movie
  3. Rapunzel loves to paint
  4. Rapunzel has two animal sidekicks, one big and one small/one a reptile and one a mammal
  5. Rapunzel was kidnapped
  6. Rapunzel is secretly a princess
  7. The guy (Stefan/Flynn) wears a blue-hued vest over a white shirt
  8. The guy has brown hair

My favorite part about this all is that Barbie came up with it all first and so Barbie has the original rights in the eyes of true justice-promoting human beings.

But ignoring all that plagiarizing stuff, the story is emotional and layered. Gothel’s kidnapping of Rapunzel is intertwined with the feud between Frederick’s and Wilhelm’s kingdoms, Gothel has a proper villain motivation (convincing reasoning, but her choices are still obviously wicked), and Penelope has a conflict with her dad that (SPOILER) ends up HAVING to be solved in order to save the day.

I love that she has so many outfits in this movie! My favorite dress is always switching around between three. I love the quiet prettiness of her pink work dress, the magical beauty of her ball gown (that was never actually used for a ball…), and the subtle elegance of her wedding gown. For hair…well, they’re all animated badly, but my favorite for the style is her ball hairstyle before it’s cut by Gothel.



Love and imagination can change the world, forgiveness, watch your pride, a truthful heart is valuable (and that doesn’t mean NEVER lie–no one is capable of that–it just means that you WANT the truth to be known)

“For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.” – Hebrews 8:12

Other Stuff

The love story isn’t very complicated, I guess, but that makes it (let’s be honest, people) more realistic. However, the story is still a good one. He meets her and is constantly amazed at how radically right her ideas are, and she meets him and is at first all friendly ’cause she has literally no human friends yet, but eventually she’s like, Whoa, feelings! It also helps that she is very beautiful and he is very handsome, but, meh.

I recommend this movie because it is a whimsical fairytale that really focuses on goodness and creativity.


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