Barbie: A Fairy Secret


I used to think that the Diane Kaarina Barbie was the worst Barbie ever (then I saw the Erica Lindbeck Barbie, heheheh…jk). I thought Diane Kaarina was a bad actress and that was why she didn’t make a good Barbie. Re-watching this movie, I realize that Diane Kaarina is a fine actress; she’s just as good as Kelly Sheridan. The problem is, she’s not Barbie. She doesn’t sound like her. Kelly Sheridan and Kate Higgins (Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse; also Taylor in Fairy Secret, haha) are the only Barbie voices I like, don’t ask me why ’cause I have no idea.

Okay, I usually don’t care about Barbie body shapes, but the one in this movie is ridiculous. She literally has such a tiny waist, it’s creepy. She looks like a Disney princess, but she’s CGI so it doesn’t work. Barbie’s (also Raquelle’s, but I mostly paid attention to Barbie’s) red carpet dress is about three sizes too small; she looks like she shouldn’t be able to breathe live. However, on the subject of the red–I’m sorry, I mean pink (you’ll get that reference if you go to the special features on the DVD and listen to what “Barbie” is saying)–carpet dress, THAT SKIRT THO!!!!!

“I must have it! How much?” – Lady Who Buys The Glitterized Dress in Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale

It is soooo pretty when she walks. The skirt just bounces a little and floats a little and ahhhhhhhh. So, yeah, stretch the bodice out a few sizes or something and I will buy that dress.

Who doesn’t love Raquelle? I mean, she’s awesome…a little self-obsessed, no doubt…but she’s so sassy…but she’s not my favorite character because she is so spoiled. Sorry.

In this movie, Barbie is all perfect and they don’t even make fun of it…but I actually don’t mind that part! Nobody says, “You’re so great, Barbie! I wish I could be as awesome as you!” when she does something good, and that’s what I like. She just gets the hang of stuff, such as flying, really easily, and that’s not her fault. I think she’s just not afraid to try new things because she doesn’t fear people judging her. She just does it.

Anyone else notice that Carrie and Taylor look almost exactly alike? I mean with the facial features and the hair.

Okay, Crystal. Tell me she does not resemble Selena Gomez. Actually, don’t, because I won’t believe you! Yes, she has green eyes and larger lips and larger eyes, but the larger stuff is just because of the art of the movie. If I were making a live-action version of this movie, I’d see if I could get Selena Gomez to play Crystal, I’m not even kidding, she would look exactly like her. (Not saying she’d agree to act for a Barbie movie, just pointing out the resemblance.)

I really like the acting in this movie. Barbie (Diane Kaarina, as I’ve pointed out) isn’t acted according-to-her-personality well, but she talks realistically. Raquelle (Brittney Irvin) is totally in-character and only sounds weird sometimes. Mostly, it’s just the animation that makes the acting look bad. Also, Ken (Adrian Petriw) is really good, too. Except when he is making those weird noises during the duel. He should be doing that to himself, not looking like he’s performing for everyone else. Still, that’s the animator’s fault. Reena (Candus Churchill) is so warm and fun! There’s one line that always bothers me, though, and it is, again, the animator’s fault: when she is getting introduced to Barbie and Raquelle and says, “Hi! I’m Reena,” she looks kind of scary and mischievous because she does the “raise one eyebrow in a challenge” thing. Carrie (Kate Higgins) and Taylor (Cassandra Lee Morris) are a little meh, but at least their voices match their personalities.  Nicole Oliver doesn’t really do a good job playing Lilliana Roxelle, although you do have to take into account that she’s doing an accent. My favorite roles she plays are Henna in Barbie: Mariposa and Queen Calissa in Barbie in a Mermaid Tale.

Graciella (Alexandra Carter) is a little…much. Too much. She’s such a drama queen. However, so is Zane, so I guess they go well together?

Ever notice how each Barbie fairy world has different kinds of wings? The Gloss Angeles wings are very sparkly, bright-colored, and fashionable (as opposed to, say, Fairytopia, where they are more like flower petals in pastel colors). My favorite part of the wings in Gloss Angeles is that they have clip-ons humans can buy and use without a license or anything. Can I get a pair?

Speaking of clip-on wings, the Wings & Things jingle will forever be imbedded in my mind!

Zane (Silvio Pollio) is hilarious. He is always posing perfectly and showing off his manliness (or fairy-ness? During the duel, when Zane told Ken to “come up here and fight like a fairy” like someone else might say “like a man,” I didn’t like it because it would be like a normal guy saying to another guy, “Come up here and fight like a human!” Actually, now that I write that down, it’s not so bad, considering it’s supposed to be like a war taunt). It’s so funny when Zane, like, stops mid-flight to do the perfect “hero” pose.

The pegaponies are really cute. I like how the one Raquelle was riding is a boy, I don’t know why.


This story is REALLY GOOD. They do an excellent job of creating the world, making a tiny bit of mystery at the beginning by not revealing right away that Crystal and everyone are fairies (although it is in the title, so everybody already knows, but…maybe I’ll show it to one of my friends who hasn’t seen it and not tell them the title and not let them see the menu and see how they like it. Huh, what if I didn’t even tell them it was a Barbie movie? Well, they’d eventually know, ’cause her name is Barbie and his name is Ken), and making everything convincing. The only problems I have with the graphics was that they are a little bit cheap, the tiny waists are pathetic, and Gloss Angeles is a little bit…small. But I can’t imagine that Barbie has a very high movie budget, plus this is from 2011, so it’s okay.

What made the story so good is that it had several plots going on at the same time: Barbie, Raquelle, Carrie, and Taylor have to save Ken from being stuck in another world forever (that’s the main one); Graciella, Zane, and Crystal have a love triangle going on; Barbie and Raquelle have to ignore their rivalry and work together; Graciella and Carrie and Taylor have to resolve a misunderstanding with their friendship; and Ken has to survive being put into a completely new environment and forced not only to duel with a guy whose muscles are about twenty times larger than his, but to almost marry someone who can’t seem to even remember his name.

The story isn’t cheesy and it feels realistic. Sort of. They are fairies.

I do NOT like the Zane-Graciella love story. I guess if I knew the origins, I might be okay with it, but Graciella so doesn’t deserve Zane. He’s too sweet. However, I do like that Barbie movies limit the kissing to, like, once every four movies and don’t make them last five minutes (can’t escape that in the Flash TV show).

The one thing that is unrealistic is how Crystal is so in love with Zane but no one notices until the complication. Or maybe they did notice but didn’t care…but that’s strange.



Forgiveness lets you fly; love is stronger than anger; you can’t get everything right on the first try, unless you’re Barbie or Batman; I was just kidding about that last one, the actual thing is Don’t compare yourself to others because you are unique; when someone is in a new place, do your absolute best to make them feel welcome; don’t be mean to people even if you think they’ve rejected you; don’t make assumptions about your friends, talk to them about the problem; never stop reaching out to your friends, even if you think they’ll say no; don’t try to get someone else’s boyfriend, it won’t work

For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. – Matthew 6:14

Other Stuff

I really like the song for this movie. It is kind of narcissist, but it’s catchy and has a fun melody. And it’s definitely not as bad as “Shooting Star” from Barbie: Starlight Adventure. The video’s a little blurry, but here it is:

I don’t own the rights to this song or the movie footage in the video.

I used to think that Barbie and Raquelle overreact when Carrie and Taylor fly them down the Eiffel Tower and they scream, and when Ken asks to be let go and the attendants carrying him drop him twenty feet. But this summer, I did a free-fall thing at camp and totally understand now. In fact, the girls don’t scream enough when they’re being flown down the Eiffel Tower!

I don’t know what “adults” like for humor, but I still think some parts are pretty funny, mostly because of how pathetic the characters are.

I really like the technology of Gloss Angeles. Barbie calls Ken once with a smart phone, sure, but most of it is really timeless. Taylor and Carrie have a “fairy phone” that looks really high tech and cool, and Crystal’s fairy phone that she takes pictures with is awesome; she can display her photos holographically.

I really like how there are so many positive messages of this movie. That’s what I like about the old Barbie movies; they are empowering, but they don’t give the wrong message. They emulate things like perseverance, friendship, love, and forgiveness instead of over-confidence, the wrong kind of pride, and living for yourself (*cough*StarlightAdventure*cough*). Unless every kind of lame graphics bother you or you can’t stand to watch a movie with too much pink, any proper fantasy geek will like Barbie: A Fairy Secret. Recommended!


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