Barbie and Her Sisters in a Puppy Chase

It isn’t super high quality, but I watched it the day I got a wart frozen off my foot. My foot hurt really bad and this medium-paced movie relaxed me and distracted me from the pain. So, snaps to Puppy Chase!



Barbie (Erica Lindbeck) and her sisters take a trip to Hawaii for Chelsea’s dance competition, but get lost and separated from their puppies while visiting a dancing horse show.


We have Barbie and her sisters. Her sisters are, in order by age, Skipper (Kazumi Evans), Stacy (Claire Corlett), and Chelsea (Alyssya Swales). I am really glad they had Kazumi Evans and Claire Corlett as Skipper and Stacy, because they were a in Barbie and her Sisters in a Pony Tale, which means there is some older Barbie (not quite Golden Age, but still) in the new stuff, so I can believe that not all is lost. (Btw, I had no idea Claire Corlett was Tiny in Dinosaur Train until I was looking at the Puppy Chase cast list on Behind the Voice Actors! Girl, you are a huge part of my childhood) There are also the adorable puppies, DJ (Taylor Dianne Robinson), Rookie (Bronwen Holmes), Taffy (Chelsea Miller), and Honey (Amelia Shoichet-Stoll). At first I thought Rookie was a girl, but he is actually played by a boy, so, sorry Mr. Holmes! Other characters include two horse trainers, Vivian (Evans Johnson) and Marco (Alex Barima); a French poodle named Archibald III (Mark Oliver); a family of horses, Silver (Kathleen Barr), Spirit (Maryke Hendrikse), and Beauty (Allie Campbell); three nice ladies on the island, Aunties Hannah, Anna, and Savannah (Brenda M. Crichlow); and another dancer in Chelsea’s competition, Lindsay (Natasha Calis).

Okay, they kind of obviously only included Vivian because they needed an African-American character, and they only included Marco because they needed a male character. You can tell because those two characters, though they are awesome, don’t do much. But I won’t blame the franchise/company for doing this because they are always getting dirt for how Barbie is so unrealistically physically perfect that she will make girls lower their self esteem and that she is blond and they don’t include other races (which they do now, btw, and I personally think it’s nice to have a blonde who is the heroine not the mean girl for once) and they are “too girly” and don’t cater to boys. Well, Barbie doesn’t make me lower my self esteem. But I’m sorry if she does for some people.


This is the fourth Barbie movie starring Barbie and all three of her sisters, and the second movie also starring the girls’ new puppies. I’m pretty sure this takes place in BUT (Barbie Universal Time) before Barbie and her Sisters in a Pony Tale and the web-series Life in the Dreamhouse. I think it is before Pony Tale because in Puppy Chase, Skipper can’t ride a horse, and in Pony Tale, she wins the competition for dressage. Dressage, according to Google, is “the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance.” So yeah. And I think it is before Life in the Dreamhouse because in that series, Taffy is a full-grown dog. And this Barbie being a younger Barbie and possibly because he comes from a long line of his namesake are the only reasons I don’t have a theory that Archie’s parents are Sequin and Jaques from Barbie in a Fashion Fairytale.

The way this movie is set up was really relaxing when I watched it. It is fairly predictable (definitely not surprising, anyway), but not repetitive. They basically get lost by being stranded after their golf cart gets stuck in a tree, and get into different scenarios and face different problems that would coincidentally create perfect toy sets while they’re trying to find their way to the place where Chelsea’s dance competition is being held.

The voice acting was fine in this movie. In fact, the actors for the puppies have improved! The animation acting, however, is totally what ruins the presentation for me. If they had done that a little better, the characters wouldn’t seem so wooden. The script could have been a little more…versatile, too. Also, Erica Lindbeck’s Barbie–nuh-uh. Total no-no. I don’t like it at all. Bring back Kelly Sheridan! One part I liked, however…THE PUPPIES WERE SOOOOOO CUTE!!!

My least favorite part about this movie: Chelsea ended up winning the dance competition. What? She didn’t even do anything cool! I know, it is just to prove that Lindsay, the African-American girl, is super nice and awesome and not spoiled like Chelsea, and I agree with that (plus they show-not-tell it, which I love)! But I think the Irish-dancer girl should have won.



  • Everyone makes mistakes, even Barbie (Okay. The reason the “Barbie is perfect” thing worked in Life in the Dreamhouse was because they made fun of it. It was merely a source of humor. The point was she wasn’t perfect, she was kind of ignorant, but everyone except Raquelle thought she was perfect and that made stuff funny. “Barbie is perfect” isn’t okay when she’s supposed to be a normal person. In the new Barbie stuff, she is unreasonably perfect, and that keeps her from being a likable or relatable character.)
  • Everything works out perfectly in the end (not true!)
  • Take a chance and face your fears
  • While extra activities can be fun, don’t let them blind you from the main goal
  • You are stronger than you think you are (probably, unless you’re narcissistic like me, then don’t listen to this and get some humility!)

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 3:14

Shout out to Bible Gateway for letting me search keywords to get Bible verses I’m thinking of but don’t know the reference of!


I admit, I was a little startled by Archie at first. He was scary and I expected him to be a bad guy (seriously, the previews totally threw me off). But by the end of the movie, I definitely learned to love that nincompoop!

I was a little deterred by Barbie’s irresponsibility while taking care of her sisters. She decided that she would just LET her sisters and herself sleep out in the open where the golf cart was trapped, not even caring whether or not it was public or private property, not considering possible attacks by wild animals or crazy people (although I don’t think that latter one would really happen on an island), and not deciding to, um, GO BACK THE WAY THEY CAME! THEY LITERALLY TOOK A TURN, WENT ONTO A HIGHWAY, AND TOOK A LITTLE SIDE ROAD! HOW COMPLICATED IS THAT TO REVERSE? EVEN I COULD FIGURE THAT OUT!

Another thing I like about the Barbie Sisters movies is that it forces them to keep Barbie from being too glorified. To make her sisters look good, they have to bring her down a little, while with her friends, they don’t even try to make them look good and just make everyone worship Barbie.

My favorite character? Skipper. Totally Skipper. I love how she is constantly complaining! It makes the dialogue interesting and not just cheesily constantly positive! Did anyone else notice the thing when they were sleeping? Skipper, the black sheep of the family and the only non-blonde, slept in the opposite direction as the rest? Just saying…That was really creative, though (You know, if they meant to do it). Yeah, despite the fact that they made her a little weak, she was definitely the best character because she was pretty much the only character I could relate to. (Except for caution-to-the-wind Stacy, who is certainly a second-best.)

There was a hodgepodge of conveniences in this movie…the energy bars, the vines, the zip-line, the dream camper, the horses…but, hey, what movie doesn’t have random conveniences? Just watch any How it Should Have Ended and you’ll see. At least Barbie’s being obvious about it.

Recommended if you just got a wart burned/frozen off your foot and like Barbie and want to relax and get your mind off the pain. Otherwise, don’t buy it or watch it. It’s not worth it.


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