Barbie & Her Sisters in a Puppy Chase – Live Reaction

Ok. Watching this even though my friend said it was bad and Skipper was afraid of everything in it.

Ah, that familiar Universal opening.

What is that I can be anything thing w/ 5th harmony song?

Bad giggle. Otherwise, acting looks okay!

Whoa. Kathleen Barr as a Hawaiian greeter?

Awwwww! The puppies are so cute!

I take it back. What’s-her-face is so bad as Barbie! What’s-her-face has her good points, but for the most part is a FART BOMB actress.


Ooh! Love Skipper’s highlights!

PSC! (Puppies so cute!)

Ha, love Stacy!

Thanks, Barbie. You almost lost us the map! Thanks, Stacy. You lost the map!

“It’s a small island. [Blank] can’t be that hard to find!” – Barbie.

Hmm. I might like What’s-her-face’s voice if she weren’t a worse actress than Kelly Sheridan.

The puppies’ voice actresses were amateur in The Great Puppy Adventure, but in this one they’re making their mark on me!

Gasp! Beauty is so cute! I like Spirit.


Honey is adorbsies!!!! “Flutterby”?

Smoothie graphics are SUPER POOP.

Scary Western French Poodle!!!!

The puppies are so adorably gullible!!

I still love Spirit!

But a golf cart doesn’t have seatbelts. Well, apparently this one does.

I think the brother–Marcus, was it? Marco?–is a bad guy!

Archie is so hilarious! He is such a sissy!

Wow. If Barbie were older, they would not just be SLEEPING THERE.

Aaaah! PSC!

Big surprise. Barbie is complimenting herself for planning ahead and everyone is agreeing. However, it isn’t as Hiccup-y as Spy Squad or Starlight. And anyway, she’s having a good idea–the imagination game.

Of course, the Barbie camper looks exactly the same as the other ones.

Wow. This is an okay Barbie.

I like this constellation scene.

Ha. Skipper…black sheep…sleeping in the opposite direction as everyone else.

Why are they so scared of rain? I am disgusted.


Skipper is AWESOME! “Tell us how that works out for you” though!

I like this. A survival story.

Chelsea. Easy or peasy?

Archie is hilarious! A hopeless ninny!

Wait. How does everyone know the puppies belong to the girls? I guess Marco isn’t a evil.

Skipper isn’t scared of everything (yet)…she’s just sassy and always complaining, like [a character I have that I won’t mention the name of because I haven’t bought a patent yet].

There’s the responsible older sister I was waiting for, Barbie! Not doing the dangerous, uncertain wall climb with an unstable vine-rope until your sisters are up to the top!

Poor Archie!

Wouldn’t a BRIDGE work better than a vine or elevator?

Oh. There’s the zip line Skipper was supposed to be afraid of.

Yes! Stacy! She is the “safety check”! Love it!

Wait. Why is Barbie going before Skipper? Still, I love how Skipper is constantly complaining! Adds a little class to the movie!

Ha Stacy! “Enjoy the view, then!”

Also, you can’t just STOP abruptly from a zip-line.

Chelsea’s complaining is way worse than Skipper’s.

Yep, they just conveniently HAVE the dream camper! I actually don’t mind.

Really? Barbie youtube reference? PACE? Too good.


Seriously, Barbie? All you’re doing is proving that only guys have maps in their heads.

And Auntie Anna just WAVES.

Really? Her hula skirt fell off? You’re doing that kind of joke?

AWWWWWW! Taffy the Baby is ADORABLE! And that flashback? So cute!

I love this story thing. Setback after setback for some drama and extra details to keep interest. It’s cheap, but I still like it! It is relaxing.

Good, reasonable Chelsea. Yes! “Stop! Stop trying to make things better” Barbie! “Not even me”? Narcissism-much? However, good idea. Everything stinks game. I like it.

Ug. I really dislike Barbie’s ugly ponytail.

“What if I lose”? So she just expects to win?

Stacy isn’t even walking that fast! But, then again, Skipper has been walking all day.

EEE! SPSC! (Surfing puppies so cute!)

Honey is so big compared to stacy.

Skipper sounds like that cowgirl from Toy Story 2. How did I forget her name?

Archie is hilarious!

I like how that girl trainer (I don’t know her name) takes charge! Talk about girl power! She’s a boss.

I feel for Skipper. I get motion and air sickness, too.

Beauty is going to jump her over. I know it. It’s obvious.

Silver is also Kathleen Barr! I just realized it!

Yep, already figured that out Marco! HA!

That nerdy girl has such bad graphics!

Aww! Chelsea! “How about a hug?”

Wait. Skipper is an excellent dressage rider! Why can’t she get onto Spirit? Oh. I guess this must be in the past, they do all look younger.

Aww Taffy! Cowdog! It wouldn’t even be funny if she wasn’t saying it!

You got this Beauty!

I recognize Beauty’s voice…who is it?

And Beauty does it better than her sister and mom because she doesn’t have that extra rock that knocked off.

I like these dancers!


Yay! Barbie doesn’t know! But duh. Go back the way you came and make the OTHER turn. Wow! Barbie made a mistake and is getting down on herself! I have a totally new respect for her!

I like DJ’s voice! Except that realistically, at least ONE of the puppies should be a boy And I feel like it should be her or Rookie.

Whoa! The horses are running down a steep downhill.

Lindsay isn’t actually that good, except when you consider how young she is. What I mean is she isn’t as good as that Irish dancer. And why does she have those penciled eyebrows?

Wait a sec, they didn’t give her any time to go!

Why did they choose to change?

PSCAD! (Puppies so cute and devious!)

Lindsay is really nice, though.

I love Chelsea’s hair! I still don’t like Barbie’s hair!

You got this, Chelsea! And Beauty!

Barbie’s face is so weird. I do not like her mouth.

“Hit it, Auntie!”

She can’t just win for improv! So I hope she doesn’t win. I want that Irish dancer girl to win!

Sister ensemble! Cute! But not a winner. SO not a winner.

Yeah, Archie! Come dance!

Archie is somehow related to Jaques from Fashion Fairytale.

Yes, I agree. When puppies do it, The Archie is okay!

Whoa! Chelsea is doing the flip-off-the-wall off a horse! And the horse doesn’t care at all and is just holding up!

Lindsay is WAY too nice. Because Chelsea didn’t deserve that win. I disagree, Lindsay!

That’s her name! Vivian.

What? Auntie Savannah! I was not suspecting it at all! For real, I’m not even kidding! I just thought it was Auntie Hannah from the airport.

Ooh, the Aunties got some moves!

No one would expect those vacation pics to be anything out of the ordinary.

So yeah, those are my reactions. They probably don’t make sense no matter how you read them, so I will make some sense of them in my review of Puppy Chase.


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