Dagur (Dreamworks Dragons: Race to the Edge)

Dagur the Deranged of the Berserker Tribe is one of the best characters in Dreamworks Dragons: Race to the Edge. The best part about him? He understands Hiccup’s inferiority. Dagur is the comic relief villain long-lost sibling crazy guy. Despite how the other characters don’t trust or understand him, Dagur is truly shown to be caring, loyal, and the only one in the show with consistent common sense.

Dagur is caring–that’s not a statement any characters in the show would make, not in their sane minds, anyway. It is understandable; Dagur portrays himself as a bloodthirsty, merciless villain. It is true that he has committed crimes, but he learned from them since and has reformed (as far as I know…dun dun DUN!! I’m only partly into Season 4). Now we see that he cares–about Heather, Shattermaster, even the “Dragon Riders.” Not only does he express his love for each of these guys with spontaneous hugs and speeches about the great things they will achieve together, but he risks his life for each of them in turn. Hiccup should really realize how fortunate he is to be considered Dagur’s brother.

Through his caring, Dagur shows his loyalty. He stands by all of his family and doesn’t give up on trying to make them understand he wants to help them. Heather refuses to accept him; he keeps coming back and promises to explain things to her. He repays Shattermaster (the only one loyal to him as well) by putting him as first priority. Though Hiccup refuses to trust him, he keeps on saving his puny butt. (Wait, that sack of skin and bones has a butt?) Last I saw of Dagur, he was riding off into the sunset Berserker war-whooping with Heather. I know he’ll come back when his friends need him most, just like the Legend Beasts.

He most prominently shows the only consistent common sense throughout. He knows Hiccup is weak. When he’s talking about the smallest Dragon Hunter he’s ever seen, who he questioned when searching for Viggo’s gold, with Hiccup and Heather, he realizes that he’s “about [Hiccup’s] size and build. No offense.” Ha. Offense. Also, he calls himself a dragon rider. When he flies off after saying that, Hiccup says, “Dagur, you’re not…sigh…a Dragon Rider.” Yes, he is. He rides a Gronckle, which, last I checked, is a dragon. Also, his battle tactics are the best. Who would question Berserker battle tactics*cough*HeatherandFishlegs*cough*? I love how matter-of-his-own-fact and unafraid of other people’s opinion he is. It is something to be greatly admired and respected.

So, the point is, Dagur is arguably the best of all these characters, new and old. Despite his weird new look, what with the hardly-a-beard and visible veins everywhere, he is even better than his old self–because he is shown to be better than a typical, steal-a-beggar’s-bread villain. He is a friend, a worthy adventuring companion, and an utter genius.


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