(And the Writers for Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu) Broke My Heart

The homepage of Ninjago on has a featured picture of Kai, the Fire Ninja, next to his sister, Nya. She is the (shudderWater Ninja.

Nya being a ninja in itself made me mad. Her being a Samurai was an important part of her character development, as well as the ninjas’, because she had to accept that she wasn’t going to be given exactly the same opportunities as her brother and that she could make her own path. Now that she is a ninja…that part of her that knows she doesn’t need to have an elemental power to be awesome is gone.

Also, now she is FEATURED on the website as the Water Ninja next to Kai, as if they were equal???!!! As a Samurai, Nya was better than the boys because she was her own person and had her own experiences. As a ninja, she is inferior to them because of her lack of experience. What happened? The Ninjago TV show creators have taken a once slightly cheesy, mostly meaningful and cool story and turned it into an uncreative marketing tool to convince kids to buy those “awesome” vehicles that appear, like, once in an episode. If you wanted a female ninja, add a character. They created Skylor; why not develop her more? But turning Nya, who is Samurai X (come on, is that not a super intimidating name?) into a ninja, just like everybody else, is just cheap and mean.


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