Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Welcome to the new year!

This was the best movie of 2016.


A young woman named Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) must face her past and help a small rebellion find a way to destroy the super-weapon wielded by the evil Galactic Empire.

You will be secure, because there is hope. – Job 11:18a

Review–Warning: Contains Spoilers

Rogue One exceeded my expectations. Which, considering the articles with good criticism my dad continued to place in my head, were not as low as they should have been. As stated in a previous post, this movie almost redeems The Force Awakens. For certain, though, Disney is redeemed for their The Force Awakens failure. I hope to see more Star Wars stories in the future!

I loved all the cameos in this movie. My favorite ones were A) the part where Bail Organa tells Mon Mothma he’s going to get Leia to send a message to Obi-Wan, B) the part where C-3PO and R2 appear–a Star Wars movie is not Star Wars without those two–, and C) the part where Red 5 explodes. I’m sure he was a nice guy, but ya gotta make room for Luke.

The plot fits almost seamlessly into the Star Wars story. They created suspension in this film, although most viewers sort knew how it would end because of A New Hope. The new characters were lovable (or hate-able, depending on their protagonistic or antagonistic roles), but their deaths weren’t sad because they all died together, heroically (or satisfactorily). Though these new characters weren’t mentioned in the other movies, it still makes sense. It was also so fun to see Grand Moff Tarkin reappear, because he was such a good villain, but died. They portrayed him really well with digital editing, only his forehead was too shiny in some parts and his hair was a bit unbelievable.

The character development in this story was great. Jyn went from fighting for herself and hiding from her past to dying for a cause she knew was flawed because she believed in the freedom that her father had fought for. Cassian learned to act with what he knew was right and redeemed himself for his own conscience by saving Jyn from Krennic. K-2SO…didn’t change a bit, except for admitting to liking Jyn, sort of. Bodhi, the former Imperial pilot, did something right and helped bring the downfall of the Empire, and died feeling right with himself and with the approval of the people he had tried so hard to find favor with. Blaze used the Force to part with his friend. Chirrut was always cool…but I am disappointed that he wasn’t Ezra from Rebels. Ha.

I know this is totally bragging, but I correctly predicted that Jyn and Cassian would die exploding while doing some sort of display of affection. My brother also correctly predicted that the movie would end with Princess Leia’s ship going into hyperspace.

I had one issue (ONE, mind you, that’s a pretty low number) with Darth Vader in this, and that is that he swayed his hips too much while he was entering his council with Director Krennic.

The only plot mistake I saw was this: In Rogue One, Leia’s blockade runner leaves into hyperspace from the battle zone after receiving the Death Star plans. In Episode 4, Leia claims that her ship is a diplomatic envoy and denies all charges when Darth Vader accuses her of working with the rebels and carrying the plans. Even she wouldn’t have that audacity after her ship being present, and almost boarded by Vader, at the battle.

This movie is definitely recommended to Star Wars lovers and otherwise.


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