Doctor Strange

Saw Doctor Strange last Saturday. Was fun, exciting movie.


A surgeon gets his hands disfigured and joins a secret league of sorcerers in an attempt to find healing.


Ummmmmmm…what? It’s a Marvel movie, k?


Surrender is the key, pride comes before a fall, life isn’t worth living for yourself, stolen magic always has a bill to pay

Daniel replied, “No wise man, enchanter, magician, or diviner can explain to the king the mystery he has asked about.” – Daniel 2:27


I like the story and stuff, and the cape of levitation is adorable. Strange was a likable character, and there was a good balance of seriousness and humor.

I have to say that Dormamu was not that intimidating…I mean, come on. Door. Mother. Cow. Not a great name. And he didn’t do anything.

I did like seeing Thor in the little end clip and how he was so mystified by the mug that kept refilling. (ps YEAH, RAGNAROK! pps CAN’T WAIT FOR WONDER WOMAN! Yeah, that’s DC, whatever…)

The more graphic medical scenes in the movie were, I think, exaggerated a little too much.

One of the things that bugged me about this was: the magicians were searching for spiritual healing, a place of surrender where the could be at peace. We already have that in Jesus Christ! When we believe that he died and rose again to pay humanity’s sin debt, we get that healing and surrender! She said it like it was a radical idea, ’cause it was. But it has already been offered in our world. IT’S A REAL THING THAT PEOPLE, NORMAL HUMANS, CAN HAVE! Isn’t that awesome? What I couldn’t stand, watching that in the movie theater, is that some people have never heard of that opportunity. That they might be thinking that it isn’t actually possible. Also that some people have heard it, and rejected it.

Well, on that note, the movie was interesting and good, and if you like the Marvel movies story and haven’t seen it yet, watch it, and I recommend it to people who enjoy a) Marvel movies, b) action movies, c) magic action, and d) superhero stuff.


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