Barbie in the Pink Shoes


A wannabe star ballerina, Kristen Faraday (Kelly Sheridan) with improvisation issues gets transported to a magical ballet world with her friend, Hailey (Katie Crown), and dances in Swan Lake and Giselle. Along the way, Hailey gets kidnapped and Kristen must use her imagination to dance her way out of the evil Snow Queen’s control.


Friendship, dance with your heart, improvisation, be humble

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” – John 15:13


Kristen is a likable character. Her hair is a little weird in her warm-up outfit, but since her hair is DIFFERENT for most of the movie, that’s okay!

Hailey is awesome, although the voice acting is a little off in some parts…

The animation is great! The graphics are also okay, just sometimes the ground doesn’t match up with their feet and the shadows and light are weird.

With the “improvised” dancing, it is kind of obviously choreographed. The improv she does when we first see her do the milkmaid dance is the exact same stuff she does in the finale. Also, in the Battle of Dance Willpower dance, you wouldn’t be able to tell which parts are Kristen making it up and the Snow Queen forcing her except for that she is glowing a different color, her facial expression is slightly different, and the music changes. Basically, it all flows like it was choreographed.

I like the outfits in this one, and of course seeing Barbie dance Swan Lake again is nostalgic, and I like the characters. It’s also pretty funny at times with Hilarion and Albrecht.

This is recommended if you’re like me and enjoy both fairytales and ballet, but don’t have much hands-on experience with either.


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