Barbie: Starlight Adventure

Barbie: Starlight Adventure was a pleasant surprise! Based on the previews, I had expected it to be super lame and have terrible acting and music and action (which it did) but it was actually okay!


Barbie, an energetic teenager in a galaxy far, far away, is chosen to be on a team to save the disappearing stars.


Be confident, be humble, take charge, everybody loves Barbie ’cause she’s so much better than everybody else (UGH), be kind, let loose, listen

“They are distressed, because they had been confident; they arrive there, only to be disappointed.” – Job 6:20

Summary–Spoiler Alert!

Barbie (Erica Lindbeck) lives on the nature reserve planet of Para Dan with her father (Michael Chandler). She has a special power to connect with animals and use limited telekinesis. One day, King Constantine (Dwight Schultz) sends word that he has chosen her to be on a special team of youngsters who are to help him save the stars.

Barbie travels to the main planet and meets the other members of the team: Sal-Lee (Kimberly Woods), a world champion hover boarder; Sheena and Kareena (Sarah Anne Williams), twins with power over gravity; and Prince Leo (Robbie Daymond), ace star-pilot and engineer. At the introduction ball that is held in the team’s honor, Barbie accidentally starts an energetic free-for-all dance party, as opposed to the completely organized ballroom dancing the king had ordered. She and the king don’t exactly agree on many subjects, which nearly gets her in trouble several times.

King Constantine briefly trains the group before heading out to the Central Planet to use his device to reset the stars.With the help of a large, dragon-like creature called a Starlian, the group navigates to the Central Planet. They reach the Core after a series of obstacles, and Constantine activates his device. However, it does the opposite of what he had anticipated–instead of resetting the stars, it takes out all the remaining ones. Barbie saves the day by using her powers to reactivate the stars, and she is made a princess.


As said, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this movie. I was mildly intrigued throughout, and the characters were likable.

I am convinced that Barbie is sensitive to the Force and will someday become a Jedi. Just saying.

My favorite character was Sal-Lee because although she was pretty stuck up, its not like she had anyone to tell her that was wrong. It was implied that she was an orphan, unless it was stated and I missed it. She is fast, and sassy, and sarcastic. Awesome.

Barbie was not too bad. I still hate the fact that they’re calling Barbie by her real name in the new movies (the old ones are sooo much better!). I liked that she was energetic and made mistakes. The one thing I don’t like is that the only people who dislike Barbie are the ones who YOU are supposed to dislike. That is really sad, because you don’t feel sympathetic towards a character who is loved by everyone.

The storyline was okay, but the graphics (ignoring the people) were cool! Not the special effects, the scenery. That guitar was really bad, though…At least they didn’t make all the guys seem unintelligent, like in Spy Squad.

Their ship was really slow, too. But, I guess I could give them a break. I mean, after you see Star Wars, no other sci-fi stuff looks amazing anymore.

It wasn’t nearly the status of older Barbie movies, and you could tell the acting was cheap, and that song, “Shooting Star,” had terrible lyrics and a cheap tune (I’m sorry to overuse an adjective, but it was a cheap movie!), and I miss Kelly Sheridan, but it was acceptable, and I liked it. Recommended, but watch an older Barbie movie first or after, like Barbie and the Diamond Castle. Love that one. And only watch Starlight Adventure if you can do so without having to buy it, ’cause chances are you won’t want to watch it again, unless you’re like me.


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