Young Justice: Invasion

Young Justice: Invasion is the second and last season of the TV show based on DC superhero sidekicks. There are new starred sidekicks since the first season, including Blue Beetle, Wonder Girl, Batgirl, Tim Drake as Robin, Lagoon Boy, Beast Boy, and Impulse, or Kid Flash (Bart Allen). It aired in 2012, but I watched it more recently on Netflix.

I liked the second season, but not as much as the first. The fact that it takes place five years later than the end of the first season was a bummer for me. In fact, I didn’t watch it for a long time because of that. Eventually I warmed to the new characters, and accepted the fact that Dick Grayson was now Nightwing, and that Artemis and Wally retired, and that Red Arrow was married (what happened?!!!). However, I prefer to re-watch the first season.

Of the new characters, my favorites are Impulse and Blue Beetle. I was so distraught when Blue Beetle was under the control of the Reach. I wanted to step out from behind the camera and warn “the Team” (that is so obnoxious; I don’t like labels)or something! I thought I would hate Impulse; he’s like a replacement for Kid Flash of the first season, and there’s no way I was gonna be good with that. But he’s so annoyingly likable! And I like knowing the scarred past (or rather, future) behind his carelessness.

Wonder Girl is good and innocent, unlike some of the other characters who are good at manipulating and have their quick tongues and stuff. She’s a typical Wonder Woman fangirl, and she isn’t arrogant about her powers. They’re just another fact of life for her.

Batgirl is cool. I’m not just using that word, she is cool. Well, all the Bats are, and I think she’s kind of only the third coolest, but that doesn’t subtract from her coolness! She is, of course, Bat-smart and she has good martial-arts skills…There’s nothing especially unique about her, except I like her in DC Superhero Girls. Don’t judge, I only like the books.

Ok. Tim Drake as Robin. I knew it was inevitable, but come on! You can’t just skip from one season to another with Dick Grayson as Robin in the first and Timmy as him in the second! His baton thing, though I thought was weird and pointless at first, does look kind of fun. (PS Nightwing’s little chocolate bar weapons? No.) I do still miss Dick Grayson Robin and never really got used to Timmy.

Lagoon Boy…he’s obnoxious…and rude to my man Superboy…and I don’t like the M’gann thing…but by the end of the season I saw his good points and decided to accept him. He’s not a favorite, but I still like him. However, I have to complain about his superpower. Puffing up into an aquatic gerbil? Really?

Beast Boy is, without a doubt, second place on the favorites list. I like that the viewer knows him from the first season, and glad that they had that set up. I’m actually okay with him taking over the souvenirs…someone had to do it (I blame KF for leaving, so I don’t feel bad about anyone taking his place).

The storyline of Season 2 is much more organized and connected. They spent most of Season 1 just figuring out who the bad guys even were, but they know who they’re fighting in Season 2. They are missing a lot of details, but they have a vague idea of what they’re up against. The difference in plot that I don’t like is that they give us enough details to figure out the bad guys’ plan before the heroes do.

I had my expectations set really low for Season 2, but I was surprised in a good way. Recommended!


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